Athlete Bundle

Athlete Bundle

Our Athlete bundle is perfect for those who are truly serious about getting into jumping rope.

Why the Athlete Bundle? Every kind of rope has its own benefits and fits a different style of skipping. When you’re just starting out, you’re still in the pursuit of finding your style. Therefore, in order to find your way, we recommend you to work with one of each type (MAX,DIGNITY,GRAVITY,ELEVATION). Having one of each in your start-up arsenal gives you the space to experiment with different types of ropes and brings you the freedom to invent your own way and a the type of rope that matches that newborn style perfectly. ”

Bundle includes: 

  • 1x Elevate MAX Speed Rope (5MM PVC Cable)
  • 1x Elevate Dignity Beaded Rope (1 Inch Beads)
  • 1x Elevation MAX Long Handle Speed Rope (5MM PVC Cable)
  • 1x Elevate Gravity Heavy Rope (1LBS)
  • 1x Elevate Wristband
  • 1x Free Access To Our Jump Rope Workout App

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Rope Length

10ft Adjustable speed rope* 10ft Adjustable heavy rope* 10ft Adjustable beaded rope* 10ft Adjustable Long handle speed rope*


Vinyl rope (5MM)

Handle type

Lightweight, Ergonomic

Elevate MAX Colour

Aqua Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Venom Green, Deep Green, Gold, Pink, Turquoise, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black, White

Elevate Dignity Colour

Aqua Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Venom Green, Deep Green, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Wisdom, Purple, Pink, Elevate, Minion, JDU, Pink Demon, Ocean Water, Rhea (Black), Rhea (Blue), Rhea (Yellow), Rhea (Orange), Rhea (Red)

Elevation MAX Colour

Aqua Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Venom Green, Deep Green, Gold, Turquoise, Yellow, Orange

Elevate Gravity Colour



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